5 Ways to Reset a Bad Day

Ever have a bad day and want to start over again? Bad days, we all have them, and can’t avoid them. It’s the little things that can turn good days into tragic ones. We’ve all allowed situations out of our control to take a toll on us. A bad day can start with something so simple like traffic in the morning, spilling coffee on your shirt, or not achieving goals for the day. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the wrong, that we forget to focus on all the good that’s happening around us.

Here are 5 ways you can reset your bad:

Turn negatives into a positive:

Lately, I’ve been telling myself positive thoughts only. Life can be way worse right? Why dwell on the small stuff, when there are people less fortunate than you. Remember, your bad days, are someone else’s good days.

Try a change of scenery:

Stop replaying the bad things that happened in your head. Instead focus on something new. Go on a walk, grab a cup of coffee, and distract yourself from the negative.

Go to the gym:

This is my go to! Nothing is better than putting all of your negative energy into a good workout. Trust me, you will feel better in no time.

Meet up with some friends:

Go have some drinks with your closest friends, laugh a little, and get lost in the conversations. — AKA the best therapy ever.


Just breathe! Meditate for about 15-30 mins to refocus your thoughts, buy yourself some wine, do some yoga, or take a bubble bath. Me time is the best time!

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