Back to Basics: 10 Fitness Tips to Start The New Year

Getting back in the swing of things after the holidays can be daunting and tiresome. After indulging all of the wonderful holiday food, I’ve noticed that my jeans have become tighter, shirts and blouses don’t fit as well, and my overall confidence has decreased. I’ve become the epitome of lazy. I have little to no desire to step foot into a gym, and per usual, I’ve over-committed myself work and social wise. These past months have been crazy which has left little to no time for the gym.

We’ve all been there!  I baffle because less than a year ago, I promise that I would never take time off from the gym. Little did I know, that adulting would take over my entire life.

Just like everyone else at the beginning of a new year, I’ve challenge myself to become a healthier being. Working out is only a small percentage of the overall health journey. Eating the right nutrition, and making smarter choices, can be challenging but I’ve insisted that I get back to basics.

Here are 10 steps to ensure you’re getting back to the basics:

Less alcohol, more water.

Schedule a time to excercise

Set a goal

Make others hold you accountable

Remind yourself what you like about exercise

Eat more color

Make home cooked meals (this will actually save you money!)

Portion Control

Never go 3 days w/out exercise

Prove someone wrong

How do you plan on getting back to the basics during the new year?



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