But first, love yourself!

The most important relationship we can have is with ourselves. It might sound a little selfish, but there comes a time in our lives where we have to put ourselves first. Making our own happiness should be top priority.   
Ironically, it was when my past relationship dwindled that I began self-seeking. 
While I was traumatized by the break-up, I began to learn how to love myself.
I started accepting myself for who I really was, instead of how others portrayed me.
Accept & Embrace Yourself
With all of your Imperfections.

We’re our own worst critics.  We always find something that we don’t like about ourselves. 
We can even catch ourselves saying “Maybe in two months, I can lose 10 pounds, 
or maybe meeting the right  partner will make me a better person.” 
Well I’m here to tell you that happiness comes from within!
The first step of happiness is to understand that happiness arises from within us. 
It is our inner feeling that creates happiness. Inner-outer happiness creates an illusion 
that your happiness is coming from outer enjoyments, however it is not.
Create Your Own Happiness
Always accept and feel comfortable with your flaws, 
that way no one can ever use them against you.
Spend more time focusing on the positive &
nourish your soul with love and kindness instead of hatred.
The process of loving yourself starts with understanding your true nature.


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