Look Beyond the Gym for Fitness: The Barre Code

I will continue raving about The Barre Code and the technique they use in all of their classes. Seriously ditch the gym and join The Barre Code ASAP. My weekly fitness routine hasn’t been the same since joining classes. I am constantly reminded to let everything go, as soon as I walk in the door. During class, you are truly focusing on the task at hand. You are fully in tuned with your body, mind and soul.

You feel powerful, encouraged, and challenged the entire duration of the class. You’re so focused on becoming your best self, that you tend to forget that you are working out.

Working out is all mental, and The Barre Code reminds you that giving up isn’t an option. You do the exercises at your pace, and rely heavily on your body weight. ┬áSay goodbye to hours of lifting and doing cardio in the gym, and say hello to new ways to strengthen, tone and lose weight.


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