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No gym, no problem. Trying to fit a workout during the week can seem impossible. Many of us are so busy with other priorities that working out tends to take the backseat. What if you could have a full on fitness experience in your home, during travel, or on vacation? The fitness experience would include HITT ( High Intensity Training), total body workouts, cardio, strength training, and restoration. Sounds like the perfect solution right? No More Excuses! Not only will in home workouts cut down time, but it can be cost efficient also. Have workouts at your convince 24/7. The Barre Code offers a comprehensive program, that you can do whenever you’d like. No equipment is required, and new content is added monthly. The workouts are worth it, (trust me) and the best part… You’re not spending hours in a gross gym! Invite your girlfriends over for the evening, and get whipped into shape by subscribing to The Barre Code’s On-demand platform. It’s the most efficient & results driven women’s fitness program. I’d be lying if I said these workouts were easy.  So who’s up for the challenge? Subscribe now and reach your fitness results today!



  1. A ton of my friends attend an actual Barre class. I have some gym anxiety, so working out at home is always what I prefer. I will definitely have to check this out, and it would be great to be able to do it at a time that is best for me! Thanks for the tip!


  2. I love working out at home! It’s so much easier for me and it makes it more likely that I will do a workout if I don’t have to drive somewhere to get a workout it. The Barre Code seems like a really great program and I am definitely going to look more into it!

  3. This is what I tell my friends to do. I really love working out at home, it saves, and it’s a comfortable enviroment to do whatever exercise since I’m bit shy gym is not meant for me ?

  4. I will have to give this a try. Being a college student with two jobs and involved in student organizations, finding time to work out is almost near impossible. I have a yoga mat at home and some awesome athletic shoes, but I need to motivate myself when I have down time (which isn’t very often or is used for naps). Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Ooh, I’d love to try this out as soon as my Pure Barre membership runs out! I love barre, but I’m kind of anti-social at the gym. I would love to do something at home.

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