How To Reinvent Yourself–The Complete Guide


There will always be a time in our lives where we need to reinvent ourselves. Reinventing yourself is key to getting everything you want. I don’t just mean starting fresh or starting over. I’m talking about becoming so immersed with yourself, your goals, and dreams that no one can get in the way of them. I continue to reinvent myself time and time again to expand my horizons. I’ve thrown myself in countless of uncomfortable situations which have all led up to spectacular experiences. Reinventing yourself is a time of reflection, personal development, and creating a new image.

Why is reinventing yourself so important? 

You may find yourself going through a major shift in your life. You’ve been dreaming about starting a new business, getting that dream body, or achieving your life long goal, but you continue to hold back. Why is that?

Before embarking on a journey of self renovation, you need to make sure you take responsibility for where you are now. No more self doubting or playing it safe! You need to become that person who is committed and will reach those lofty goals you set. Start thinking like the person you want to become. Start controlling your thoughts and realize that you’re the only person who has complete control over your life.


Work on what’s stopping you.

In order to get ahead, you have to cut loose ties. That even means spending less time with your friends, and more time focusing on your goals. When reinventing yourself, the goal isn’t to alienate your friends. Your friends should understand your struggle, motivate you, provide resources and support you. They should be the ones celebrating those wins with you. Remember the company you keep is a reflection of you!

Buy some new threads.

Of course your style defines who you are. You’ve spent years trying to figure out what you like. Sorry to break it to you, but reinventing yourself also means updating your wardrobe! Take baby steps. Change the way you wear clothes, try on clothes you never thought you’d like, start accessorizing differently and even change up your signature pose in pictures.  Little by little you will start reintroducing yourself to the world.


Schedule shift

Maybe you’re not a morning person.  Becoming a different person also means changing what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. It’s time to take control of your day, and make every single moment count. Start planning your day out beyond schedule meetings and a to-do-list. Wake up as early as possible, and commit to getting a full nights rest. Success comes from those who work smarter.

Enjoy the process

Believe that you can do anything, and enjoy the hiccups along the way. Continue to transform your life by setting bigger goals, testing your limits, and enjoying life. Do what you love and don’t be afraid to take a risk! Remember it’s not your circumstance that holds you back.. it’s YOU!

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